dog digging in house plants

Dogs Digging Plants

Quickly: Does Your Dog Dig Your Plants?

Inside or outside, dogs love dirt. They dig in it. They play in it. Some pets will leave the dirt alone, but are irresistibly drawn to the leaves, either to nibble on or bat at. There is no fail-safe plant, but there are some tips and tricks you can follow to make your dog leave the plants alone.

Dogs are easy to train and keep away from plants. Maybe it’s something about the taste, maybe they’re mad at you, but dogs don’t often do things for no reason. Of course getting down to the catalyst for anything is smart, you can use a spray bottle of water to stop them from chewing on plant leaves or digging in the dirt for the time being. Stop digging now, sleuth later.

Also, keeping your soil nice and moist, not only is this good for the plant, dogs are less likely to enjoy digging in wet dirt. Some trial and error may be called for until you find the right solution that works for your dog. If all else fails, buy hanging plants instead or put the plants in an inaccessible location.

Bottom line: Dogs like dirt, they like to dig and they need to be steered in a different direction. All it takes is a little time, correction and patience.