While outside your animal companion is free to move about and hang out with their bunkmates. These areas are fenced-in and secure. Group play and group exercise times are under our supervision. We group like-minded dogs, temperaments, energy levels together for group play. While playing, we limit the number of dogs participating in group play to a few.
Our facility is designed to replicate a “home-like” or “camp-like” (depending on the accommodations) boarding experience for your animal companion. The “Doggie Suites” are secure, climate controlled quarters with comfortable dog bedding which your pet shares with their other bunk mates. (We have a couple of dog crates available for use, in case your pet is accustomed to sleeping in one and prefers them). But for the majority of our boarders we don’t use crates.
Single family dogs or two dog households that don’t do well in a group setting or need a little extra time to bond with their bunkmates and their new environment will be accommodated in our semi-private bunks (20% surchage for private bunking, may apply). Pet families of 4+ are usually accommodated in their own semi-private bunks at no extra charge.
Dogs are naturally pack animals and the large majority of dogs do exceptionally well around other dogs. We are the pack leaders and the dogs immediately understand that. They also understand that this is our home and they are a guest here. THEY JUST KNOW! So many behaviors that they exhibit in their own home, they don’t do in our home or property. Many dogs find our environment to be comforting. They are not in solitude. Dogs hate to be confined and isolated. With that being said, if your dog has not been socialized around other dogs, there may be an adjustment period. But this usually only lasts 12-36 hours. In this case, we will slowly introduce your animal companion to the other bunkers and spend extra one-on-one time with them. It’s most important to establish the human-to-dog relationship first. We have several outdoor zones and indoor accommodations to allow us this flexibility. We will not put your dog in a situation they are not comfortable in and they will let us know if they are not comfortable.
Our facility is set-up in a lovely natural home-like environment. We’re also natural because dogs are naturally pack animals and it’s very natural for them to be around other dogs.
We nourish your animal companion(s)’ mind, body and spirit while under our care. Mind: we keep their minds active with lots of play, activities and stimulation, but also give them lots of rest and relaxation, all the while striving to have a calm, submissive mental state. Body: we provide the best nutritional nourishment for them. Spirit: we comfort, nurture, love, and praise them.