Why Do Pets Love Us?


We want to provide a home-away-from-home experience for your pet.
Our cage-free environment allows your pet to be comfortable and happy while you are away.
Read about what some of our pet families say about us…


From Our Happy Pet Families


More From Our Happy Pet Families


Woodlands Doggie Village is the BEST option for canine daycare/boarding and grooming if you’re ANYWHERE  in  100 miles of Houston. I have two huskies that I bring up there quite often and they LOVE it. Driving up the street to his place, they get so excited and start jumping all over the car because they know exactly what about to happen. So a few cool things about this place starts with the floors. They’re coated with a special material that files the sharp edges off their claws. So I never have to trim claws at home. They sleep in rooms, not kennels each with a little couch and doggie bed. There’s a big play area inside and a huge fenced yard in the back too for lots of running. Big dogs and little dogs are separated each with plenty of room to run. Very clean very big facility. Kenny and his crew love the dogs, they get plenty of attention and around the clock playtime free to roam all day long. Kenny, the owner, is usually there and is very accommodating to your needs along with the rest of his employees. Unless it’s a holiday weekend, he usually has room for your doggie kiddos just call up there and let him know you’re on the way. A few times I’ve had to drop everything and leave town and he kept my huskies for a few days and I had no worry about their well being. He has food for a little extra per night if you forget to bring some up there. I have nothing but good things to say about this place and should be your number 1 option for day/night care. Short stays, long stays, you name it, he does it. It’s around 15 bucks for just day care give or take depending on size of dog and an extra 15 give or take if they and up staying over night so you can’t beat the price either. He has another facility in magnolia for extended stays only and it’s even bigger than this. I’m a Marine Veteran, and hes also a big supporter of our military so I add that to my stamp of approval list. Overall best place you can find, I trust them 200 percent, take your dogs here. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Nick B.

We take our dog Lulu there several times a year and she loves it, and we do too since she is not kept in a kennel as in many boarding places.

Terry H.

Hunter loved there… Such a nice place and also nice staff, Melissa was so nice and caring…

Valeria H.